In modern day New York, someone is killed. Who was killed? How were they killed? Who was the killer?

You, the player, decides. In this modern Rp up to five players will attempt to solve the crime; detectives, csi's, and undercover operatives.But one of those characters is the killer, and they must hide their tracks as they go. This game happens in two phases, in the first phase the players describe their characters in both a private and a public bio. I'll randomly select one of those characters as the killer, and they must present as in-depth and in-character a kill scenario as possible.

Then in phase two all the characters must attempt to solve the murder, as they uncover clues and get closer and closer to the answer, I'll flesh out the world around them, and the killer must try to cover their tracks, and evade detection and capture.

This game is not for the faint of heart, it is for the cunning, and the brave.

Come hither, and taste the Effervescence of your soul

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