Dreaming of the Past

Most fantasy-based games will be found here.

  1. The Chronicles of Pellithárias

    Pellithárias: With mountains towering to heights where men cannot breathe... with deserts so hot they can cook the brain... with jungles and swamps primordial in their impassibility...

    Lost Pellithárias: With four mighty nations atanding at swords drawn, with a fragile détente on the verge of shattering... with strange Sigils that can draw in beings from any dimension of universe... with violence on the horizon, as threatening as thunderheads.

    Welcome to Pellithárias. Choose your friends well, and your enemies carefully.

    The Chonicles of Pellithárias details a time of paroxysm. The titular world is massive, with four primary factions facing off in a cold war that is about to turn very hot indeed: the mighty Orcs of the Mountains, feared for their technology and humbers. The ancient Elves, experiencing a hubris that is propelling them toward decline. The alloed Men and Halflings, whose nation is the breadbasket for the immense pangaeal continent from which Pellithárias takes her name. And ths strange Ashtóri, demon-sired dwellers in an immense stratovolcano. It is said that even beyond these internecine squabbles and skirmishes, far worse is threatened to come.



    • This is an Advanced RPG. This means there is an expectation that those who participate will have some competency in storybuilding and an advanced level of literacy.

    • Participation in this game requires at least the attempt at timely posts and interaction with aspects of the storyline which touch your character(s). Please try not to leave your partners hanging!

    • Be advised that Chronicles of Pellithárias is settled most comfortably in the category of Dark Fantasy. This means that some of the subject matter may be disturbing to the sensitive. Pellithárias is a violent, gritty and sometimes unfair world.

    Can you survive?

  2. Memories of Stone: The Return of the Gods

    Telluria; a continent resting atop the back of an immortal titan who occasionally shifts in her sleep, bringing destruction to the land. Many factions have vied for dominance over the continent since time immemorial: Humans from the east. Dwarves and daemons from a realm of fire and steel. Ataani and Dragorans, locked in their endless war. Guardians, immortal automatons of magical intelligence born from inert metals and earth. Undead, risen from the graves of those fallen before, magi, spawns of humans and daemons. Twinelings, protectors of the land. And Tellurkin of many shapes, creatures born of the titan herself and given life through the magic of the land.

    These factions however must come together against an ancient threat, one that seeks to awaken Tellur and use her power to go to war with the creators themselves. Can the vying factions unite against the cult of the Old Gods? Or will the land be bathed in fire and ruin?


    Memories is a role playing game set in a fantasy universe and adapted for forum play. Such games are not for the uninitiated, but there is a certain amount of learning that can be done in game. There are a great deal of stats and attributes in the game, but almost all of them are controlled behind the scenes by myself over the course of the game. That isn't to say that you don't have the opportunity to fine tune your characters and make the most of the game as you see fit. The game itself is combat focused though there should be plenty of room for character growth and development.

    Memories is a story driven experience with events that will happen regardless of character actions towards the start of the game, and events driven by the successes and failures of the characters that will affect the middle and end, potentially shifting the entire course of the game. As such characters will be split into one of two parties, those seeking the end of the world, and those seeking to prevent it. The core story revolves around the main party (that is to say the one seeking that the world doesn't go to hell) and as such unless there are more than seven interested players that will be the party everyone is lumped into. If there are more than seven players I'll split the party into two groups of players as evenly matched as I can make them, each antagonistic to the other, and protagonists of their own stories.

    More info inside...

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  3. Jgundara

    You are a soldier of your people. Shipwrecked. Alone.

    This island is deadly, there is no one to talk to, no other soul to see. Save for the ghosts of others, wandering through the halls of the dead.


    Jgundara is a soft-rpg set in a grim-dark island filled with the dead, players exist in their own separate worlds and will attempt to traverse the horrors and puzzles within. They will have chance encounters with other players as their worlds overlap, the magic woven into the bones of the earth bringing them into contact. They can then exchange tokens of affection, allowing each other to temporarily be summoned as aid, or they can slaughter one another, gaining power and strength.

    Know only, that only one may survive the island, and that the dead know no rest.

    Even you.